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Brief introduction to Changzhou No. 3 High School
Founded in 1928, Changzhou No. 3 High School was originally named “Jiangnan Middle School”, and then in 1929 renamed “Fuhua Middle School”. The school got its present name in 1952. It became a key high school in Jiangsu province in 1998 and then in January 2008 was promoted to a four-star high school in Jiangsu province. No. 3 H. S. is titled a provincial green school with beautiful scenery and enjoyable environment.
Changzhou No. 3 H. S. has over 2,000 teachers and students at present. The teaching faculties are well-structured, noble in mind and excellent in teaching. Among the teachers are national model teachers, spare talented teachers of city special grade, provincial and municipal leading teachers, city middle-aged and young key teachers, etc. Currently, 46 teachers are titled as municipal leading teachers getting five-stage honours, which takes up 37.5% of all the teaching faculties. Besides, 38 of the teachers have obtained master's degrees or finished master's degree courses, which accounts for 29.5% of the teaching faculties .
During the last eight decades since its establishment, more than 30,000 graduates have been turned out from the halls of Changzhou No. 3 High School, including academicians of Chinese Academy of Engineering, generals, experts and professors. Recently, the school has persistently adhered to its motto “Honesty, Loyalty, Tenacity”, with “for the the harmonious development of every teacher and student” as the philosophy of running school. Aiming at constructing a school of great charm which is of both high quality and outstanding teaching features, the school pushes ahead with curriculum reform vigorously and carries out quality-oriented education all round to achieve the optimal development of students. Over the past years, the admission rate in the National Matriculation Tests has increased year by year. Today, you may come across some outstanding graduates studying diligently in top universities in China such as Tsinghua University, Renmin University of China, Nanjing University, University of Science and Technology of China, Xi'an Jiaotong University, Harbin Institute of Technology.
The School has gradually formed its special characteristics of foreign language teaching based on the international exchange programs, inherited and carried forward the traditional physical education, and the school curriculum of ceramic art education which came into being through years of practice.
No. 3 H. S. has employed 19 foreign teachers consecutively to give lectures during last decade. More than 30 teachers have been sent to Europe, America and Australia through teacher exchange programs for further studies. Annually, about 10 students will attend AFS Intercultural Program for study in European, American and Asian countries. Meanwhile, No. 3 H. S. also receives international students on the same student exchange programs. What's more, as many as 170 or so No. 3 H. S. graduates have been admitted to Rome University, Pisa University, and other top universities in Italy through Sino-Italian governmental "Marco Polo Project" which subsidizes their university studies until 2014. More importantly, June 2014 witnessed a great breakthrough here. No.3 H. S. has been approved as a provincial multilingual course base by government, which lays a solid foundation for further improving its language teaching, strengthening its language features and accelerating its transformational development.  
No. 3 H. S. has won many titles such as National Red Banner School of Sports, National Advanced School with Traditional Sport Events, National Advanced Unit in Mass Sports, etc. In the past years, 4 of its students became world and Asian champions, 22 national champions and masters of sports.
The ceramic art education at No. 3 H. S. has won many special honours. The school is a National Advanced School in Ceramic Art Education and is made the center of the ceramic art education both in Changzhou and Jiangsu Province. No. 3 H. S. was once awarded the prize in ceramic art education by the Central Educational Research Institute and some other prizes as well. Moveover, its successful application of a municipal ceramic art course base in 2013 enables a wider platform for its ceramic art education.
No. 3 H. S. has won many honours in various aspects, and is appointed Experimental School in Mental Health by the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Advanced Experimental School in Educational Science of the State "10th Five-year Plan", Silver School of CEAIE-AFS International Cultural Exchange Programme, Provincial Advanced School of International Educational Communication and Cooperation, Model Legally-managing School of Jiangsu Province and Advanced Science and Technology Education School of Jiangsu Province.


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